Organic Nursing Pads

Loved By Thousands Of Mommies Worldwide Leakage causes huge problems for any breastfeeding moms, we added an extra layer of bamboo to ensure maximum absorption of your breastmilk. The top layer is also made waterproof to ensure that you don't encounter wet milk spots on your outerwear. Perfect size featuring a contoured cone.


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Design: To fit your nipple shape without hurting them. Ultra Soft Bamboo: Soothe your sore or cracked nipples.


3 Layers of Absorption: Suitable for oversupply mommies. Waterproof Outer Layer: No more leakages. Handmade With Love: Each Breast Pad is hand crafted with love to ensure the highest quality delivered to you


14 Pack: Last you for a week!


Special free gift included: Laundry Wash Bag

Organic Nursing Pads


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Product Disclaimer

By far, most of our Milkin' Mommas experience a high level of results in a short amount of time with our products.  However, not all women will have the same amount of results and on a rare occasion, some women will not respond to our treats at all.   We cannot guarantee results, however, we have helped hundreds of Mommas make more milk, sustain their supply and breastfeed longer than they ever dreamed possible!  Our track record indicates your chances of success are high with us and we can't wait to help you with your breastfeeding journey.

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Our primary focus is to provide a superior product that yields a highly effective result. Our cookies, muffins and bottled drinks help breastfeeding mothers dramatically increase and sustain their breast milk supply.

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