Gluten Free Cookie Mix


Bake your own cookies at your own convenience. One mix yields 1.5 to 2 dozen cookies. And one stick of softened butter, 1 egg and a half tsp. of vanilla extract and you are ready to go.  Packed full of wholesome milk makin' goodness, you will love to treat yourself each day to our amazingly delicious cookies. You will find it very hard to only eat 1-2 cookies a day, but that is all you need to feed your boost!

Gluten Free Cookie Mix

Cookie Mix Flavour
  • Gluten Free Cookie Mix Ingredients

    Gluten Free Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Baking Soda, Salt, Steel Cut Oats, Brewer's Yeast, Eggs, Butter, Vanilla Extract, Flaxseed

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By far, most of our Milkin' Mommas experience a high level of results in a short amount of time with our products.  However, not all women will have the same amount of results and on a rare occasion, some women will not respond to our treats at all.   We cannot guarantee results, however, we have helped hundreds of Mommas make more milk, sustain their supply and breastfeed longer than they ever dreamed possible!  Our track record indicates your chances of success are high with us and we can't wait to help you with your breastfeeding journey.

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Our primary focus is to provide a superior product that yields a highly effective result. Our cookies, muffins and bottled drinks help breastfeeding mothers dramatically increase and sustain their breast milk supply.

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