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The Dreaded “4 Month Sleep Regression”

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While some sleep regressions are barely a blip on the radar, this one sticks out to most parents!

Here’s what the 4 month regression is and why it’s such a rough one to get through:

  • Permanent change to your child’s sleep patterns from infant to adult like (this happens anywhere from 3-6 months)

  • 4-3 nap transition

  • New developmental milestone: rolling

The permanent change to their sleep patterns mean they cycle out of deep sleep cycles and light sleep cycles. Which means they wake more frequently at night when they may have previously been waking once or twice (or even none!).

The nap transition occurs as they consolidate their night sleep and tolerate longer awake times during the day. Their day sleep also becomes more organized! This is when you can usually develop is flexible routine / predictable schedule.

And finally, rolling. My least favorite milestone for sleep! The AAP states it’s safe for a baby to tummy sleep once they put themselves in that position, but you have to get past the “awkward turtle” phase as they figure out how to sleep in different positions. Also, be aware that babies don’t have the same muscle paralysis that adults do that keep us from acting out our dreams. If your child is dreaming about rolling, they may start rolling in their sleep then wake up totally disoriented. Then the scream fest begins as they try to figure out their newfound mobility!

This regression doesn’t have to last forever! You can help your child learn how to fall asleep at bedtime so that they can consolidate those sleep cycles, put themselves back to sleep, get on a better sleep schedule and they will master rolling (even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment!).

If you’re having any difficulty with any aspect of your 4 month olds sleep and aren’t sure how to get out of the sleep deprived state, I can help!

Schedule a quick 15 min chat via my website and I can guide you both toward a better night’s sleep again.

Guest Post Written By:

Ashley Olson

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

© Heaven Sent Sleep, 2019, all rights reserved.


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