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Stash for the dash!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

It's hardly a blip on a new mother's radar. After falling into a daily routine with baby of round the clock feedings, diaper changes and baths; the end of maternity leave and a need for a milk stash seems like a far away distant need. But the distant will be here before you know it so starting as soon as possible to build that liquid gold stash will make your life easier in just a few short weeks. So grab yourself a great breast pump and milk storage bags before baby arrives so you are prepared to hit the ground running.

Pumping just a couple of times a day in between feedings will help you grow an invaluable stash of milk that will buy you some freedom down the road.

Ahhh, yes... freedom. You will find it harder and harder to remember what that word means and how it feels so preparing to reclaim some freedom right out of the gate will get you to it faster. We all need a break, a little self care and time to ourselves to be the best Mommas we can be. Having a stash will allow Daddy, another family member or caregiver the tools they need to successfully spend time with and care for baby while you are away. Here are some guidelines to safely store breast milk. When you think of safety, think 5! Five hours, 5 days, 5 months.


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