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15 Ways for Moms and Dads to Make Money From Home

It’s no secret that it has always been expensive to raise children, but this year (2020) has brought on a whole new set of challenges for parents around the world to juggle. Many parents have had to adjust to a ‘new normal’ of how their children go to school to getting the groceries. Many children are learning virtually this school year leaving some parents scrambling to figure out how one parent can be at home to become an instant teacher’s assistant from the other side of a computer screen. There has always been and will continue to be a need for parents to make extra money for their households, but 2020 has put that need to the ultimate, extreme test. So, we thought we would explore some ways to make some real money from home.

1. Rent out a Room in your Home Full Time or as an Airbnb: Over the past few years, Airbnb’s have become extremely popular. This option could put a lot of cash in your pocket if you happen to live in or near a destination city or hot tourist spot.

2. Photography: You may have a natural knack for attention to details or can fine tune your skills with a few photography classes to get up to speed. Investing in used camera equipment and a photography setup along with props is a cheaper startup to get rolling in this business than buying all new equipment. Someone is always selling these types of used items. I know of several people that offer newborn and smash cake sessions right out of their own home. You could even expand to outdoor family sessions on the weekends when you have help with the little ones.

3. Freelance Writer or Blogging: If you are a self starter and good with being consistent, blogging may be a good fit for you. Not only is it a great outlet for expressing yourself, exploration and awareness, but it could turn into a serious paycheck, as well.

4. Babysit or Open a Day Care: This is an industry that will always have an abundance of customers. Make sure to become CPR certified and check with your state’s licensing laws for operating guidelines out of your home before you get rolling. Also, invest some money into getting your home child proof ready.

5. Tutoring: If you have been blessed with the ability to teach others, there is a world of opportunity online to tutor or teach. HigherEdJobs boasts more than 21,000 job postings, making it the go-to career resource for higher education professionals across the country. With close to 200 online-only teaching gigs, HigherEd is also one of the largest job bank resources for online instructors.

6. Pet and House Sitting: Turn your love of animals into a money-making machine. Offer pet sitting at your home or cater to your customers and go to their home to look after and care for their fur babies and even their homes.

7. Laundry Service: Offering wash and ironing services along with pickup and drop off is a highly sought-after service for many working professionals or for those that have lost the ability to do these things for themselves.

8. Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants are especially in demand by entrepreneurs and online businesses that need help but don't want to spend the money on an office space for staff. Many small and mid-size businesses use virtual support, especially for specific tasks, such as social media management, administrative services, scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

9. Bookkeeping: If you are a wiz with numbers, this may be your ticket to lots of extra numbers in your bank account. You may want to sharpen your skills with some classes before offering your services. Many small businesses are looking for bookkeeping services and many large companies are adding at home positions every year.

10. Open an Etsy Shop: If you are crafty and artsy, this platform is an oyster awaiting your imaginative gifts to be offered to the world. You can find just about every imaginable handmade good on Etsy. Learning the platform and adding a little advertising will go far in opening us a steady stream of customers for your goods.

11. Resell on Amazon or eBay: Purchasing discounted items and reselling items on a number of platforms can be a fun and lucrative way to bring in some extra cash. Additional platforms that cost nothing to sell on include Facebook, Craigslist and OfferUp to name a few. Offering to post and sell for others that may not have the knowledge to do so or the time can be a good way for you to add additional revenue by collecting a commission of what you sell.

12. Become a Life Coach: Life coaching is a natural career choice for many, and a second career choice for some. It’s a career that requires compassion, good listening skills and the ability to creatively problem solve. There are no legal standards required to become a life coach, but certification is available through the International Coach Federation. Many people who enter the field have a background in mental health or counseling. Others enter the field simply because they always loved helping people, offering advice and providing guidance. Often, people who become life coaches say they did so because friends or family were always coming to them to ask for help in solving their problems. There are no formal education requirements needed to become a life coach, either. In fact, essentially any person who wants to be a life coach can become a life coach, regardless of age or educational background. It is an industry that has little regulation, despite its pace of growth.

13. Travel Agent/Counselor and Planner: If it’s all in the details for you, helping others plan the details of a lifetime vacation or annual trip can be a rewarding way to earn extra money for the dreams of your family.

14. Custom Cake or Cookie Artist: If you have a passion for baking, making cakes or decorated sugar cookies can be a self-taught skill. There are thousands of online tutorials for every stage of cake decorating. With some tenacity to teach yourself a new skill and some patience, you can become a talented and in high demand sweet treat maker in your area. Be sure to check your state’s Cottage Laws that govern making baked goods from your home.

15. Sell your Breast Milk: Sorry Dads, you’ll have to sit this one out, but for Mamas that are milkin’ and can create an over abundance of breast milk, selling it not only can help another child thrive and live, but it can give you some extra flow to your bank account. Some milk banks pay donors $1 an ounce. Some health insurance plans now cover the cost of buying breast milk making it a more sought after and accessible need. You can help keep your supply up with Grey’s Cowbell Lactation Treats, We offer lactation cookies and lactation muffins in a wide variety of flavors along with many other lactation treats that are easily incorporated into your busy lifestyle. Everything we offer is free of preservatives, shipped or delivered for free right to your door.

As you can see, many options to make money from home are available and we have only covered a few. One element that they will all take is perseverance, however, the pay off is well worth the effort. Reward for a person’s toil is what they earn by doing it. However, the greatest reward is what they become by doing it. Let’s do great things. Let’s do hard things. For by doing so, we become more than we every thought possible.



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