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Day Care and Sleep

Day Care and Sleep

This transition can be a tough one for both parents and baby! Learning to sleep in an environment that isn’t always conducive to sleep is something a lot of infants struggle with.


Here are my top 3 tips for easing that transition and maximizing sleep for your little one in that setting!

1. Talk to the teachers and ask for what you want! If you know your child naps best at certain times, let me them know that. Don’t just assume that because they are in the classroom that they know your child’s specific preference/rhythm. They definitely understand a child’s needs and how to help/care for them, but can lack the knowledge on an age appropriate schedule - especially your child specifically! Remember, you’re their parent and their advocate.

It’s okay to over-communicate ;)

2. Control what you can with the environment. Here are some things most daycares are willing to let your child use in their setting as they follow safe sleep rules:

  • Sleep sack - especially if they use one at home! This is a huge sleep cue for them.

  • Sound machine - seriously, I’d be the crazy mom that requested that. Because I know that everyone sleeps better with white noise! And to be honest, a daycare should want kids to be well rested because those are much happier kids that ones who are exhausted from short, micro naps all day. Just saying.

  • Routine - while this isn’t a “physical” thing, asking your child’s teacher to recreate your short and simple routine from home will help them sleep better because they know it’s coming!

  • Slumberpod - desperate times call for desperate measures and if I felt like my child wasn’t getting the sleep they needed, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask if I could bring in our slumberpod to put over a pack n play for my child to get better naps! After all, I’m the one who has to deal with a grumpy baby who may wake more often at night from being overtired during the day!

3. And finally… rejoice when your child is moved to the next room up where everyone is on the same nap schedule and they actually prep the room for nap time. Don’t rush this by any means, but know that most kids will start sleeping better at this time because the environment is more conducive for sleeping!

Peer pressure goes a long way in these situations if you’re worried about the crib to nap mat transition.

Guest Post Written By:

Ashley Olson

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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