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Bedtime Routines with a Breastfed Baby

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

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Bedtime Routines with a Breastfed Baby

Bedtime Routines with a Breastfed Baby

I find that the moms I work with often have difficulty creating a bedtime routine that their partner can be involved in when they’re the one responsible for feeding baby! I put together some tips for this blog and hope you can find a routine that fits with your family dynamic.

  • One option would be to feed baby at the beginning of the routine, in a common area like the living room, and then pass off to your partner for their bath, lotion + diaper + jammies, book, and song/rocking. This is a great way for you to check out at the end of a long day, enjoy your glass of wine (or milk and cookies) and some moments in silence! (Assuming you want that, of course!)

  • Another option if you prefer to nurse to sleep instead, would be keeping everything the same as above and just nursing at the end of the routine instead. Your partner still gets to do all the bonding things and you get 20-30 minutes alone! #selfcare

  • The third scenario might look like something that’d work well for a working family where both parents want to be involved - and it’s just that! Do everything together! If you have more than one kid, even better. You get to interact, bond, and spend time together as a family during that last quiet bit of the day. Enjoy it!

If you’re pumping and feeding bottles or formula feeding, the same still applies! There’s just a little more flexibility in who does what; think of it as divide and conquer. Teamwork helps things flow much more smooth throughout the evening!

An important note is that it’s okay for your partner and baby to struggle a bit in finding what works for them for soothing, comfort, and routine. We don’t want to jump in all of the time and “rescue” them so to speak; it’s important for them to find their groove together so that you can both equally care for your little one and you won’t get burned out feeling like the sole caregiver while your partner stands helplessly in the background. How they work together may look completely different than what you do with your little one and that’s okay!

Enjoy a relaxing bedtime routine that works best for your family. If you’re struggling to figure out exactly what that would look like in your situation, I’m always here as a resource!

Ashley Olson

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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