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Healthy Foods to Increase Breast Milk

As to be expected, a new mother always worries about the amount and quality of milk they produce. Mothers tend to worry that their newborn's fussy behavior is because they are not getting enough milk. If you are a new mother and are looking for helpful ways to increase your breast milk supply, you will hear many of the following suggestions: 


  • Nurse on demand

This method is one of the most effective ways to increase breast milk. The amount of breastmilk you produce is determined by how frequently you allow you, baby, to feed. Instead of having a schedule that will enable you to control how often the baby feeds, you should allow your little one to nurse whenever they need to. This natural flow of events allows your body to continue processing and producing milk.


  • Pump

Pumping drains your breast milk, which sends ques to your body to the need to produce more milk. You can exclusively pump or pump immediately after each feeding. Their is a wide variety of versatile pumps on the market today to use at home, on the job or on the go. 

  • Eat lactation cookies

Lactation cookies are a great choice when it comes to eating foods to increase breast milk. You can buy them or make them yourself as recipes are available to guide you to make yourself. The key is in the right ingredients in just the right amounts. Brewer's yeast, flaxseed and whole oats are just a few winning ingredients you won't want to skip on.


  • Massage your breasts 

Place four fingers of one hand on the top of the breast and four fingers of the other hand on the bottom. Massage in a circular pattern. This may feel best if your hands are warm. Move your attention to the sides of your breasts, continuing in a circular pattern. Studies show that practicing breast massage while breastfeeding and pumping helps increase milk output by up to 48%! Hand compression and massage help to compress the ducts and empty the breast more effectively. 


  • Stay hydrated

Eating a particular food to increase breast milk is not enough. You have to ensure that you accompany these foods with enough water. Water keeps you hydrated and also helps with milk production. Since you may have a busy schedule as a new mom, you can carry a water bottle around, so as not to forget to drink plenty of water.


  • Rest

Lack of enough rest can affect breast milk production negatively. You may not have the luxury of having a continuous good night's rest when you have a newborn, but you can sneak in naps when the baby is napping to catch up on some sleep. Resting reduces stress and anxiety, which can affect milk production, as well. 


  • Nurse on both sides

It is normal for some newborns and even mothers to prefer nursing their baby on one side. more so than the other. It is also normal for one breast to naturally produce more milk than the other. It is important, however, to offer both breasts at each feeding so you can maintain as much of an even supply as possible. Because babies tend to nurse more vigorously at the beginning of a feeding, begin feedings on the less productive side to encourage it to build a higher supply for future feedings.


  • Consult

There are professionals and even consultants ready to help you discover ways to improve breast milk production. They provide insight into what could be causing low milk supply and provide many tips on how to overcome it that have worked for countless women before you. You can find out more on the subject of

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