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Fun and Delicious foods to Eat while Breastfeeding

It is important to get the necessary daily nutrients while breastfeeding. If you aren't careful, you may fail to get enough vitamins and minerals needed for optimal energy levels and milk production. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), breastfeeding mothers should continue to take prenatal vitamins for as long as they are breastfeeding. Adding prenatal vitamins to your daily routine while being mindful of your diet will give you optimal results.

Grey's Cowbell lactation cookies and muffins are loaded with whole steel cut oats and are highly beneficial to eat when breastfeeding since they are a good source of fiber, especially beta glucan, and are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can purchase baked lactation cookies, or you can make your own with a recipe or purchase Grey's Cowbell cookie mixes to bake yourself. They are delicious and highly effective which makes them a great alternative healthy snack for you to enjoy everyday while breastfeeding.

Cookies for breastfeeding mothers are made with brewer's yeast The yeast is one of several ingredients that stimulates milk production. Brewer’s yeast for milk supply is very popular and termed a ‘Super Food’ due to its highly digestible protein level, minerals, vitamin B, key amino acids and chromium which supports healthy milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. Brewer’s Yeast to increase milk supply is taken regularly by many mothers as it also has an amazing power of increasing energy levels and elevating mood. Oats and flax seeds are ingredients that are also incorporated in since they provide fiber and increase milk production, as well. You can buy cookies that have the components mentioned above at, or you can include these key ingredients in your preparation to make your own cookies from scratch.

Everything that a breastfeeding mother eats or drinks should have a goal to either restore and maintain her health or increase milk supply or best yet, do both. The right foods to eat while breastfeeding shouldn't be a mystery and should be easily accessible as well as readily available. 

You can eat a wide variety of delicious, wholesome foods. Maintain low intakes of fried foods, caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol. The chosen foods to eat while breastfeeding should include foods that have a high-calorie count in good fats because you need all the energy you can get. Determining how many calories you need each day in part depends on factors like the size and feeding habits of your baby as well as your activity level.

Since taking care of a newborn is so time-consuming, you might not have as much time to prepare food and snacks for yourself like you used to. With a little planning ahead though, you can set yourself up for success. Some foods are easy to make and will take up very little time to prepare. Also, don't forget to include lots of daily water intake. Find out more about alternative foods to have when breastfeeding here.

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